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Belly Dance Workshops



Taletha currently offers the following subjects for belly dance workshops. Most workshops include a handout with an outline of the material covered. ALL workshops include Taletha's enthusiastic and fun approach to teaching as well as higher level concepts which are useful for dancers of all levels from the beginner, who has not yet started to perform, to the seasoned performer.

Please use the following key for workshop levels:

* Denotes workshops for students who already have a firm grasp of basic isolations and can confidently recall and execute them. These workshops are designed for intermediate to advanced level students.

* Denotes workshops that are designed for new students. The material in these workshops might be too easy for an intermediate or advanced level student.

* Denotes workshops that are good for students of all levels, from beginners to advanced students. Beginning students may find the content challenging, but will benefit from the material presented in addition to regular classes and practice.

Please note that students of ALL levels are welcome to take any workshop they like, but that Taletha may not be able to spend a lot of time aiding beginners in a higher level workshop.

Please click the links below for a brief description of each workshop.

To book Taletha for a workshop in your town, please e-mail her at talethadance@yahoo.com or call (502) 457-3644.



Phenomenal Arms Stage Presence I Hate Footwork! Poetry in Motion Zills in Space! and Zills Drills!
Work Your Rhythms! Gothic Belly Dance Delectably Dark Combinations Killing Them Softly Beginning Veil Choreography

Phenomenal Arms * 

Are you tired of having no idea what to do with your arms? Has everything else fallen into place, but you have yet to shed the, "chicken wings," or, "scaredy cat," arms? Taletha will lead students through a series of practical exercises to help them achieve beautifully graceful and powerful arms and hands.

Killing Them Softly *

Use your fluid movements to capture the hearts or crawl up the spines of your audience! Whisper in their ear like a passing phantom. In this Gothic Belly Dance workshop, Taletha will show students to use fluid movement, nuance, and power to kill them softly.

Work Your Rhythms! *

Taletha covers 3 to 4 rhythms (your choice from the list below), shows how to play the rhythm on the zills, and how to interpret the rhythm with the body through combinations. She will also drill the combinations with the zills if it's requested.


Rhythm List


Masmudi Kabir

Masmudi Seghir/Beledi




Sama'i Thaqil



Gothic Belly Dance *

Taletha has applied her experience with the movements and feelings of Egyptian style belly dance and Central Asian dance and fused them with the sights and sounds of the Gothic subculture to create a Gothic belly dance style she feels is all her own. Her teaching style focuses on the technical aspect of movement as well as on the concepts behind delivering an effective performance, not only in Gothic fusion, but in all dance styles.

Delectably Dark Combinations *

Delectably Dark Combinations will show you how to let your inner vamp shine through. You will learn combinations designed to enthrall, intimidate, and stop the hearts of your audience members all without appearing to break a sweat!

I Hate Footwork! * 

Footwork for the footwork impaired! Taletha offers a logical approach to the footwork problem with exercises designed to get those tootsies moving with the body, rather than against it!

Poetry in Motion *

A natural approach to working with veil. (Includes lots of turns!)

Stage Presence * 

It isn't enough to just dance to the music, you have to dance as if the music is playing because you are moving!

Zills in Space and Zills Drills *

Having a hard time with zills? Arms looking a little drab and lifeless when you play them? Zills in Space is based on Taletha's article of the same name. This includes various drills to help students become more comfortable with playing and moving, and listening.

Beginning Veil Choreography *

Students will learn basic veil work in this choreography specifically designed for beginning level students.