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Debora J. - Louisville, KY ------>


Taletha's skills, confidence and knowledge need to be shared with the world. I've had many teachers and her approach and techniques are amazing and fun to learn. She has elegance and grace in her style and to watch her dance is not only breathtaking, but mesmerizing. I took classes from Taletha for less than a year. In that short time, she has helped me gain confidence and a drive to step outside of the tiny box I've lived in for so long.  Her passion and unique teaching style make her workshops fun, exciting and memorable. I am in awe of her artistry and distinctive way of presenting her material. To say that Taletha is a beautiful dancer and talented teacher seems so small. While we are losing a gem, Colorado is gaining a treasure.

  "...I've been watching your performances for a hundred time and I just have to write it: you're my goddess of dance and my inspiration. I always dreamt of learning belly dance and now I'm 23 I think I'm a bit too old but I found a school in my city and I'll try in January:)
Miss Taletha - you're the most talented belly dancer I've ever seen, you body is gorgeous, you're so graceful and sexy, you have astounding moves and there's so much passion in the way you dance, I hope maybe in twenty years of hard training I will be half as good as you^^ I can watch you dance for hours! I just wanted to tell you that..."

<-----Aga from Poland


Luisa - Italy ------>


"...I think you're beautiful, full of grace, very good performer and, most of all, you really know the different styles and the different music. I've seen a lot of videos on Youtube about belly dance but yours are my favourite ones..."


"I took Taletha's Zills in Space and Goth class in Dayton. FANTASTIC! Taletha is warm and friendly with a terrific sense of humor! She kept the energy up all afternoon. Her dancing is just fabulous fabulous!!"


<------ Helen M. of Cleveland, OH


Aziyade - Evansville ------>


"I remember seeing Taletha for the first time at a MEDSOK event and thinking "this is the girl who is going to put Louisville on the belly dance map." There was something about her, even then, that captivated you. And even if you couldn't define "IT" you knew Taletha had it. Through the years I've watched her grow from a talented performer to a true artist, in the fullest sense of the word.

"Beauty" is a word we toss around a lot without really understanding. But sit down and watch Taletha dance, and you will come to understand what beauty truly is."


"...She was dancing there as part of the Hipdrop Showcase in Columbus when I saw her at her very best. She interpreted a goth number, with the words "you promised you'd return....." in dance. Momentos from World War veterans all around us, coupled with that exquisite white lace costume... OMG!!! The number sent chills up my spine...."


<------ Amma of Snakes Rising


Zahara - Cincinatti------>


"...A beautiful dancer with a warm personality... and a "Goth Gal" to boot! She has that rare talent of spanning many dance genres with grace & ease...If you ever have the opportunity to watch/join forces with Taletha, do it!"


"I have really enjoyed learning about belly dance. Taletha is fun and passionate about her work."


<------  Anonymous - Louisville 


Anonymous - Louisville ------>


"Taletha is GREAT! Because most of us continued on with the class, she did also. We didn't have to start back from the beginning."