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Belly Dance Shoppe.com - Belly Dance Shoppe is located in Phoenix, AZ.

Dahlal International - Students! If you would like something from Dahlal International, please notify me. Dahlal has everything from costumes and props to music and videos.

A'Kai Silks - The most beautiful silk veils in the world! A'kai also offers silk attire, and costuming. Looking for A'kai locally?

Sharif Wear - Original designs by Nourhan Sharif.

Horus and Isis Company - Offers belly dance costuming and accessories as well as imported items from the Middle East.

Dance Paws - For those who love to dance bare foot, but can't bare the pain.

Hookah Tobacco - Offering many styles of hookahs as well as tobacco.

Angel D'Mort - Local Louisville dancer who makes cholis that fit! Seriously! Even if you are of a voluptuous shape, her cholis are designed to support and flatter without undergarments.

Cat's Paw Dance Belts - Cat's Paw is based out of Ramsey, IN. They specialize in beautifully hand crafted coin costuming.

Jewel of India Imports - Reasonably priced dance items from silk veils to costuming.

L. Rose Designs - Beautiful costuming!

Saroyan Mastercrafts - The authority on zills.

Audrena.com - Tons of lovely costumes and accessories.

Moon Dance Belly Dance - Perfect for beginners and belly dancers on a budget!

Sim Moda Evi - Fantastic costume designs from Turkey at darn good prices.

Flying Skirts - Tribal costuming.

Alimah's Closet - Great service and wonderful deals!

Turkish Emporium - I haven't ordered from here yet, but they have costumes for beginners and pros alike.

Artemis Imports - All kinds of stuff for dancers.