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Performance Photos

Performing with Ahel el Nagam and George Wakim at Road to Morocco - 10/27/07 - Photos by Jon Silpayamanant

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Belly Spell: Presented by TL2 Productions and Restless Natives Productions - 10/20/07

Photos by Jon Silpayamanant

2007-10-21148.jpg (25736 bytes) 2007-10-21262.jpg (20188 bytes) 2007-10-21060.jpg (15434 bytes)

2007-10-21150.jpg (30651 bytes)

Photos by Letha C. Photos by Soraya
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28th Annual National Tattoo Association Convention (Seattle, WA) - 04/12/07 Photos by Jeff Kearney

With Snakes Rising and Carmine - 03/07

The White Tour Louisville - 01/07

The White Tour Dayton - 01/07

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The Durga Tour - Louisville 9/06. Photography by Perry Williams of Cat's Paw.

Raquy and the Cavemen 10/06

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September 2006 Issue of Today's Woman. Photography by James Moses.

8/06 with Snakes Rising at Kira's Oasis, Ohio. Photography by Amma Kaa.

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The Hipdrop Live Tour - Columbus, Ohio 5/06

UofL Campus at the Red Barn 3/06

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Art Sanctuary's, "Art Soirée" (Photo by David R.
Lutman, Special to The Courier Journal)

Caption: "Taletha, a belly dancer, performed during the soiree last month at Adorno Studio on Main Street. A portrait of her by Abby Brechner, titled "Sinuous Serenity," was one of the works on view."

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AIDS Benefit at Jillian's 2004, Louisville (compliments of Mr. Grimm))

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