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Middle Eastern Music


il Troubadore - Indy's 16th century rock band!

Arabic Maqam World - a great source for musicians and dancers alike. This site lists tons of rhythms I've never heard of and a few I actually recognize. Rhythms are defined, notated and are complete with a wave file so you can hear them.

Maqam Music - Arabic music from just about every country you can think of. Quick shipping and decent prices too!

Ahel El Nagam - Middle Eastern music right here in Louisville, KY and Southern, IN!

Alma Gitana - A fusion group with the talented George Wakim on oud!

Hipdrop.com - Aneaj gives you the best in belly dance music as well as interviews with members of the belly dance community on Hipdrop.com. For a direct link to the station CLICK HERE.

Lark in the Morning - Wondering where to get a mizmar, bagpipes or a dumbek? This is the place!

Hossam Ramzy - A true percussion virtuoso.

Mazika.com - What's hot in Arabic music today? Check out Mazika and see.

Trehantiri - Trehantiri has an extensive list of Arabic music. I haven't actually ordered from them though.

Americanistan - is a group based in Eugene, OR. They specialize in acoustic Middle Eastern Music. I must also mention I'd have to be deaf not to notice their flutist rocks! ; ) Great music!

Raquy and the Cavemen - Extraordinary music!