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Joy of Belly Dancing - This site is packed with belly dance information including information about rhythms, recipes, and events.

Oriental Dancer.net  - The Belly Dance Hub

Shira.net - Music and video reviews, song translations, tips and tricks, and advice for belly dancers of all levels.

Seven Veils - Information and shopping.

Brandon's Oasis - Brandon is the epitome of dance enthusiast. Based in the DC area, his website includes events, news, video clips, and more!

Kira's Oasis - This site has a wonderful events directory.

Bhuz.com - Forums, Events listing, Directory and Shopping!

Egyptian Castle - Meant to be a home away from home for Arabs, this site includes links to live Middle East TV and Radio, photos taken in Egypt and a free movie. The movie resolution isn't great and well, I don't speak Arabic, but it has kept me occupied nonetheless. Here you will also find video clips of dancers.

AraMovies.com - Available in both Arabic and English, this site offers all types of Arabic Movies.

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