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     Beautiful Belly Dancers


Jo Hadley and the Crescent Moon Dancers - The Crescent Moon Dancers' (Jo Hadley, Director) repertoire includes folk dances from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Persia, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. The troupe also performs Turkish, Egyptian and American style Belly Dance, and classical dances from Persia and Central Asia. I am a proud member of this troupe!

Jo Hadley - Jo Hadley, instructor, performer, and choreographer of Middle Eastern, Persian, and Central Asian dance.

Nadirah Johara - Nadira Johara is a dancer and instructor in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

Gia al Qamar - Gia Enthusiastically Performs at Restaurants, Parties, Stage Shows & other festive occasions in Northern NJ and the Greater NY Metro area!

Nashwa - Nashwa has just moved into Kentucky from California. She is Egyptian born and teaches primarily Egyptian style Raks Sharqi.

Ariel - Ariel is a respected belly dancer in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD area.

Alexandria - a dancer from Tennessee.

Sashi - Sashi is an enchanting tribal based Gothic Belly Dancer based in Orange County, CA.

Aziyade - The lovely Aziyade in Evansville IN is not only one of my favorite dancers, but a good friend as well.

Faten Munger - A fantastic dancer based in Indianapolis, IN. She has extensive music training in addition to her dance training.

Alia - Alia is a dancer out of Evansville, IN. She is owner and operator of the Mermaid Dance Studio and Director of Troupe Lubaaba.

Tempest - Gothic Belly Dance from California. Tempest is a performer, instructor, and inventor of the corset belt and the skorset.

Shahina - A dancer in the Chicago area.

Sa'diyya - A dancer in Frisco, TX.

Amaya - A lovely dancer in New Mexico.

Siham Ali - A dancer and instructor from Kansas City, MO.

Sha-ri - Bauchtanz. Sha-ri of Germany is not only a dancer, but a top notch costume designer as well.

Suzanna Del Vecchio - Denver, CO

Eva Cernik - Denver, CO

Irida - Marseille, France. Ici vous trouverez  quelques information culturelles sur la danse orientale. Aussi, Irida est un professeur de danse orientale dans la région de Marseille.

Pedralta Dance - Pedralta Dance is located in the U.K.

Outi - A lovely dancer from Finland. Her site is in both English and Finnish.

Salomé - As well a being a site for Salomé the dancer, this site is also full of useful information.

Alexandra King - A magnificent dancer and teacher in the Santa Barbara area.

Shira - Whether it's music/video reviews, answers to dance questions or just funny anecdotes, Shira's is the place to go.

Cassandra - All I can say is, "Wow!" If you can get your hands on one of her videos, I highly suggest you do so.

Morocco - Knowledge, knowledge and MORE knowledge! I'm still waiting for the chance to learn from this gem of the industry.

Tamalyn Dallal - Egyptian born, Tamalyn Dallal, is always a treat to watch. She is based in Florida.

Dalloua - A dancer from Penngrove, CA.

Conchi - This packet of dynamite hails from Barcelona, Spain. She is a fabulous dancer and a fantastic teacher.

Nataj - Nataj's performance are amazing and her teaching style is equally so.

Mecca - Co-founders Teresa Tomb and Lisa Duggins teach amazing Tribal Style technique. Be ready to sweat if you attend a class!

Nubian Divas - Jessica, Nefertiti and Anniitra RavenMoon are the Nubian Divas of California. 

Bozenka - Bozenka is one of the nicest and most approachable dancers I've met. Her dancing is fantastic and her over all attitude is admirable.

Sibel Nefa - Bauchtanz

Meissoun - Meissoun is a dancer based in Switzerland. Not only does she know Middle Eastern Dance but she also studies  Indian Classical Dance, Bharata Natyam.

Zorba - "The Veiled Male" - Male Belly Dancer


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