Learn to Belly Dance With Taletha! Belly Dance Classes coming soon to Denver, Colorado.

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Class Location:


Taletha is not currently offering group class sessions. For private and semi-private lessons, please contact Taletha directly at talethadance@yahoo.com.



Upcoming Classes

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Class Day and Time Session Start Session End
**Intro to Gothic Belly Dance** Thursdays 7-8 PM March 14, 2013 May 2, 2013
**Belly Dance Basics** None At This Time
Please note: The Intro to Gothic Belly Dance class is intended for students who have already studied belly dance and have a firm grasp of belly dance technique. It is not limited to experienced students. But be aware that beginning students may not gain as well-rounded an experience as intermediate to advanced level students.

Registration and Fees

**Due to time constraints classes will only run if a minimum of 5 students are confirmed for the entire 8 week session two weeks before the session start date. To confirm your spot in the class of your choice, please notify Taletha at talethadance@yahoo.com and make a deposit of $15 toward your classes via PayPal to talethadance@yahoo.com to hold your spot. If the class is cancelled, Taletha will notify you via e-mail and refund your deposit in full. Make-up classes for classes missed can not be offered at this time. Please note: This deposit counts toward the $96 fee for the entire session. It is not an additional charge.**

Classes are $15 for drop-ins $96 for the 8 week session.

Private Lessons

Private Belly Dance Lessons are available on a weekly, bi-weekly, or one time basis. Lessons are $55/hr and can cover anything from the basics (for those who are more comfortable learning one on one), to personal dance goals such as: choreography, technique, stage presence, Gothic Belly Dance and music interpretation.

To schedule a private or semi-private lesson, please contact Taletha at talethadance@yahoo.com.


Class Attire

You will need:

* Yoga pants or work out pants.

* A sports bra, form-fitting tank top or form-fitting T-shirt.

* A hip scarf (optional) to show off your lovely hip movements!

* Please do not wear skirts or harem pants as it can make it difficult for Taletha to make corrections is the lines of your body are obscured by clothing.

What to Expect

Taletha's approach to teaching Belly Dance can be described as enthusiastic and thorough. Her unique teaching style has been praised by students and workshop sponsors alike. Taletha applies what has been coined the, "Taletha Al Badr Immersion Technique," which works to have you dancing right from the start all while explaining and drilling movements and covering dance concepts in ways which cater to many different learning styles.

As a workshop instructor, she finds different ways to approach material that is often old hat to more experienced dancers, giving them a fresh perspective and tools they can pass on to others.

When learning with Taletha expect a work out for both mind and body!


Class Descriptions

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Belly Dance Basics

It's time to get out there and learn something new! Belly Dance Basics will open you up to the beautiful world of one of the world's oldest dance styles. No prior dance experience is required to take this class.



Belly Dance Basics+


Belly Dance Basics+ is a multi-level class which gives beginning students the same fun introduction to the dance, all while giving them a chance to see what they have to look forward to as an intermediate level student.


Intermediate students will have the opportunity to work their basic technique in addition to tackling more challenging and in-depth material.



Intermediate and Advanced Technique

This class is for experienced belly dance students who already have a firm grasp of belly dance technique and would like to continue their studies through technique and combinations.  




Choreography for Beginners

Learn a fun and sassy original belly dance choreography by Taletha. It's time to take what you've learned and strut your stuff!




Zills in Space!

This class will give you the tools you need to take your first steps toward dancing with zills. This class is for students of all levels who want to explore zills as an option in their future dancing. Requirements: A set of 4 finger cymbals.


Gothic Belly Dance

It's time to learn the basics of Gothic Belly Dance. This class is for students who already have experience with basic belly dance movements and concepts.


Introduction to Props: Veil

The veil is one of the most beautiful props belly dancers work with. It adds a sense of drama and a flash of color to performances. In this class you will learn the basics of dancing with a veil. This class is for students of all levels.



Drum Solo Choreography

The drum solo is a dancer's chance to WOW the audience with her keen ear and crisp technique. Learn an original drum solo choreography by Taletha step by step with technique tips and hints to help you create your own drum solo choreography!



I Hate Footwork! (Footwork for the Footwork Impaired)

This class is for students of all levels who want to focus on the footwork aspect of dance. If you're tired of having two left feet, this is the class for you!



Introduction to Props: Cane

Raks Al Assaya stems from the Egyptian men's folk dance, Tahtib. The cane can be used to add an folk feel to your dancing and it's incredibly fun to boot!



Work Your Rhythm!

This class is designed for experienced students who are interested in learning more about the music behind the dance as well as newcomers who want a head start on this important aspect of being a belly dancer. Taletha will work you through 6 rhythms, teaching you how to recognize them and how to move to them.


Belly Dance Boot Camp - Raq 'til You Drop!

It's time to get up and get moving with Raq 'til You Drop! Work your technique with Taletha! This class is designed for students of all levels and will work you through all of the basic movements in a variety of ways that will not only help strengthen your technique, but will also boost your movement repertoire.



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